Trendco Mens Colour Ring (Mike Only)

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Trendco Men's Colour Ring is the perfect accessory to choose your perfect colour match from the Mike full wig.
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{slider title="Do you have to be totally bald to wear a full head wig?" open="false"}

Wigs are easier to wear if the wearer has no hair underneath. The wig will grip better to a bald head and its more comfortable when applying tape. AKI can be worn with some hair but MIKE is better fitted when there is none.

{slider What is the difference between the two men's full head wigs?}

AKI is a fibre hair wig and the MIKE isa European human hair wig with the grey content being Flexi-Fibre.

{slider How is the AKI made?}

AKI comes in two different sizes; 56cm and 58cm. It is constructed with a monofilament top, wefted back and lace front temple to temple. It has tape tabs around the front perimeter and on the nape. The AKI can be reduced in size using the adjustable straps at the back of the cap.

{slider How is the MIKE made?}

MIKE is only available in one size;56cm. It is completely hand knotted, has a lace front and is constructed with anti-slip and P.U tape tabs.

{slider Is there a difference in how you care for them?}

Both wigs will need to be washed every 7-10 days if you wear them everyday.We recommend hand washing them in tepid water. AKI will need to be washed in the T-Range Fibre aftercare products. Once washed, leave the AKI to dry naturally on a polyhead - do not apply any heat. MIKE will need to be washed in the Pureology human hair products or equivalent and can either be dried naturally or with a hairdryer. Any finishing product like gel or wax can be used on both wigs to create your desired look/style.

{slider Can these wigs be cut?}

AKI already comes pre-styled but can be trimmed and personalised. The sideburns can be cut down much shorter. MIKE will need to be cut and styled to your desired look.

{slider How does a Men's full wig attach to my head?}

Usually a full head wig will fit on the head securely. If you would like to use extra aids, we would recommend using double sided tape. The tape gets positioned on the PU tape tabs. Bonding (gluing) can be used as another alternative method but will reduce the lifespan of the wig by half and the foundation will become quite messy.

{slider How long do the wigs last?}

AKI will approx last between 4-6 months and the MIKE will last approx 8-12 months depending on wear, bonding etc.

{slider Can I sleep in my wig?}

We do not recommend that you do but if you do, please try to sleep on a silk pillow case. Sleeping in your wig will reduce the lifespan by half.

{slider Can I do sports in my wig?}

You can do sports in your wig. We would recommend that you attach the wig with tape for extra security if the sport is quite physcial and are in contact with other people. if you swim in your wig, either use an old one or make sure you wash it immediately afterwards.

{slider How long  does it take to order these wigs?}

AKI and MIKE are both stock items which means that they are able to order straight away. If we do not have your preferred colour in stock, we can look for an alternative or it can be placed on order where you will be given an estimated delivery time.

{slider Are wigs hot to wear?}

All wigs are quite warm to wear. The shorter the style makes a difference. Because the AKI and MIKE are both hand made, this makes them cooler to wear.




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