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Petite Bunny is a finely knit basic turban suitable for all kinds of activity. The turban can be worn with a loose drop shape for a cool and sporty look. Or, with a tighter fit if given a turn-up, so it sits nicely on the child. This is a uni-sex model but for the girls this model works beautifully under the Flamingo and Swan headbands. 47,5% Cotton, 47,5% Viscose, 5% Spandex
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The Christine Headwear range is designed specifically for hair loss wearers and is perfect for a comfortable alternative to wigs. The beautiful designs and patterns change twice a year with the seasons, to reflect fashions, seasonal fabrics and trends.

Soft Line Collection

The multi-functional bamboo-viscose Soft Line collection offers you a large selection of basic and stylish turbans and scarves in a variety of colours. The unique material is breathable, moisture absorbant and extremely soft and comfortable, keeping your head warm and dry at all times. The Soft Line collection is ideal for every day wear and even sporting purposes as they stay in place during movement.

VIVA Headwear

VIVA Headwear is a contemporary design line for women with hair loss. A considered design made in light and comfortable materials giving the perfect cover and fitting. Providing value for money and an effortless collection to the everyday life and wardrobe, the VIVA collection will match any emotion and lifestyle.

MALE Headwear for Men

The MALE Headwear for Men collection consists of a sporty and functional Coolmax line and a soft and classic bamboo line. The functional materials and a seamless bamboo lining, the MALE Headwear for Men collection is breathable, moisture absorbant and extremely comfortable to wear making it the perfect choice to wear during any activity.

CE Marked

All Christine Headwear products are CE Mark, as they have been classified as medical apparel according to the EU directive for medical equipment (93/42/EEC). All Christine products are specifically designed to be used by women who have lost their hair, protecting their scalp against sunburn and cold. The CE Mark is a joint European regulation and the rules make strict demands on design, construction and production to guarantee that the products are appropriate and safe for the end user.


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