Saturday 16th October 2021

Going Short:
Blog by Key Contributor Jacky


Aderans/Trendco’s roll is centred on putting a smile back on a customer’s face and leaving them satisfied with their appearance. As a task, that is quite an undertaking and large responsibility, but with access to high quality wigs and hairpieces they are already well on their way there. The rest is experience, knowledge and service. It never stops being moving to see the smiling faces of clients, who for the most part are not in a place in their life where they feel their best. Often this difference can leave them shocked as they adjust to the new them, but change is often good!

On the topic of change, for the first time (ever) I have been seen out and about in a short fibre wig, with the air on my nape and the cute side fringe. It’s an entirely new experience; liberating, reenergising and also extremely easy to wear and look after, which I had forgotten since my Codi days!

I received lots of positive reactions both in person and online, it has amazed me how unfazed I have become to the responses and as a grown mature woman I finally appreciate that I make my own decisions and trust my own judgement. Like today for example, I have travelled to the office wearing my Shakti Turban in printed linen - yes, its very last season but it matches the Autumn colours and my outfit and I feel ultra-comfortable as a consequence, able to focus on my day without adjusting, teasing or heaven forbid scratching!

Going short could be my new metaphor. Experiences of late have often appeared unbelievable and my option is to ride the magic carpet, go with the flow and usually things work out for the best if not better than anticipated.

Another way to look at what craziness is coming is to make your move first, giving yourself time for adjustment and acceptance with what you have rather than what you can or can’t get. With that being said, there is nothing to drive panic as much as a possible shortage of something as we have seen of late. 

In Wednesday nights webinar with Jane and Bradley they explored the future fashion of 2022.  There is lots to look forward to, coming soon is the new Noriko models, future colour pallets in beautiful denims like frozen Sapphire (yes please), more platinum blondes, and subtle pastel rainbow colours. The choice that us wig wearers now have is phenomenal, if I can say just go for it, take a chance to vamp up and glam up, be anything but ordinary! 

Be prepared for comments though; people are rarely insulting and if they appear shocked or surprised that’s their issue and not yours. Its not necessarily negative.

How about a short wig look with a big chunky scarf for a change? Big, hooped earrings, I know I’ve not been able to do that for many years wearing longer pieces, or a big polo neck jumper with your spiced caramel latte in hand, ready to feel comfortable, cosy and content in these cooler Autumn days ahead.

Its these small pleasures that make this season so special.

Wrap up warm, stay safe and as we say up here “coorie in”.

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I'll leave you with a photo of me feeling confident and going short, hopefully it can inspire you!

Love Jacky xx