Trendco are one of the leading custom made specialists in the UK and Ireland. All of our bespoke hair systems are individually designed and are virtually undetectable to both sight and touch. We pride ourselves on high standards of these products, which are hand knotted, lightweight, cool and comfortable.

Each custom made product is designed to suit you; colour, curl, hair length and hair direction. Custom made pieces ensure you can live your life the way you want, sleep, shower and play active sports in confidence with one of our bespoke systems.

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Human Hair Custom Mades

human hairThere are three different types of bases available for custom made human hair, the Dermalite, Dermalace and the most recent base Ultra Secure Dermalite. The hair itself is premium quaility and is available in different types and grades to suit all individual needs. It can be styled for any occasion and offers freedom to the wearer.

The Dermalite is an ever popular product, offering breathable, secure and undetectable custom made solution. The Dermalite base is a non elasticise transparent foundation, which keeps its shape perfectly, this combined with the soft touch European hair ensures it goes undetected. The Dermalite is perfect for those with an active life, the product remains natural even after washing and swimming.

The Dermalace is an innovative product which Aderans introduced in 2010 and unlike the Deramlite is produced on an all over lace foundation, helping to create an invisable front which is undetectable to the eyes. It is lightweight, extremely secure and comfortable.

The Ultra Secure Dermalite is the latest addtion to the "Derma" family. It has all the qualities of the Dermalite base but with added anti slip strips for extreme security and comfort. The Ultra Secure Dermalite requires no tape application, which allows the wearer to get up and go!

Cyberhair Custom Made

cyber hair

 Cyberhair was first developed by Aderans in 1983 and is exclusive to them and is patented worldwide; nowhere else in the UK is this unique product available. Cyberhair is a man-made fibre, developed to replicate human hair. It feels and looks natural. easy to maintain and is extremely durable. Cyberhair is built with a unique memory in the hair strands, specific to your design, so when washed, your piece will simply revert back to its original style. Cyberhair is lightweight, heat resistant and does not require the same level of styling as human hair. Cyberhair has a natural, believeable look and you can be confident that you will have this look tomorrow, next week and next month!

V-Hair Custom Made

v hairV-Hair is a revolution! Re-launched from VitalHair, V-Hair feels, looks and behaves just like human hair. By combining the best properties of real and artifical hair, we really have created a hair with truly unique qualities. It is lightweight, durable and colour resistant. Like Cyberhair, V-Hair has a memory in the hair strands, which means it doesn't require the same level of styling as human hair but the difference with V-Hair is you can change your style as to how you feel!