Environmental efforts in Thai factory

The use of waste materials

At our Thai factory, one of our manufacturing centres for the Aderans Group, considerations were made to eliminate waste by using the scrap materials produced during the manufacturing of wigs effectively. Efforts are being made for various experimental products, such as artificial flowers, car wipes, cushions, and sandals. The artificial flowers are currently being used for such uses as floral bouquets to present to local retirees.

Use of Scraps from Wig Manufacturing Process

Alternative products made from the scraps of wig manufacturing.

Tree-Planting at our Factory in Thailand

Our Thai factory sell the waste materials produced during the manufacturing process of our wigs to recycling companies and use the proceeds to plant trees on our factory grounds.

Tree Planting at factory in Thailand

Tree planting at our factory in Thailand.

AquAid Charity

We support AquAid who are involved in life saving water projects around the world. AquAid supply all our water at our head office and salons in the UK which means we help in donating to their charities: The Africa Trust, Pump Aid & Christian Aid. We received a certificate as we sponsored the construction of an elephant pump in Zimbabwe.

Aquaid certificate


His Church Charity

His Church Charity contacted us and asked if we could donate any old, discontinued or faulty wigs to them to support their project of supporting vulnerable women but giving them clothes, make-up, jewellery and personal supplies. They receive these items through various organisations ranging from women's aid to hospices, homeless centres to prisons. We were more than happy to donate any old wigs to the charity. To contact the charity for more information, please call 03000 117700 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.