Niamh Woods1

Hi, i'm niamh i am 17, from West Yorkshire.

I started wearing wigs when i was 16 i was born with a skin disorder called Eco dermal skin dysplasia this then caused alopecia. I have 2 wigs currently which are both by you, emerald and amber. I can not explain how amazing these wigs make me feel, they have boosted my confidence dramatically, i am able to do things that i was too scared to do before.

I had been losing my hair since i was about 10, i went to school with massive, obvious bald patches until i was 16. When i tried on my first wig i was terrified of change but as soon as i looked in the mirror i just felt so much braver, i felt beautiful. It was an emotional journey but your wigs have helped me become who i am and if i hadnt of found out about your company through a trade salon im unsure of where i would be now. I am just writing this email as a huge thank you! I will be purchasing more wigs in the future, even some synthetic ones which scared me before.

Thank you again, Niamh. 

Sally Bee

Sally Bee

“Losing my hair was just about as traumatic as having my heart attacks. Only those who have been through a similar thing will understand. I didn’t know where to turn or who to talk to. I tried some high street ‘fashion wig’ stores and spent too much money on wigs that were completely wrong for me. My first visit to Trendco Birmingham literally changed my life. I entered the store feeling nervous, uncertain and ugly. After an hour or so of care, support, education, a few tears and plenty of giggles, I left feeling a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I was able to walk down the street confident in the knowledge that I looked like me again - and that part of me wasn’t going to blow away! I can’t thank the staff enough, they are angels brandishing numerous hair styles, scissors, tissues and big hearts!"

joanna and mbe at palace

Joanna Rowsell MBE

"I love wearing Trendco wigs and find them really light and comfortable. I have 3 different styles all in the same colour so I have alternatives for day and evening wear. I have worn Trendco wigs to a number of different events including BBC Sports Personality, going to Buckingham Palace to receive my MBE and TV work with both the BBC and Channel 4. I have visited the Trendco salon in London a couple of times where the staff have been very helpful letting me try on a number of different styles to allow me to make the best decision."

little princess trust

The Little Princess Trust

"Trendco has been supplying The Little Princess Trust with hair pieces since the trust was formed. Throughout this time, they have consistently provided us with a most professional service, and have become an integral part of the charity, in many cases going beyond the call of duty, in offering a caring and compassionate response to our needs. Trendco have offered The Little Princess Trust expert advice and support, helping to ensure that deliveries are met quickly and with sensitivity in what is often a highly emotive situation."

LGFB logo

Look Good...Feel Better

"At Look Good...Feel Better we work through 51 cancer specialist locations across the UK to help women combat the often demoralising and distressing side effects of their treatment. Our workshops offer skincare and make-up advice but our new self-help DVD and booklet will also cover wig selection and wig cutting, scarf tying and other 'hair alternatives', nail care and advice. We have been very pleased to be able to work with Trendco for many years as their natural looking, lightweight and very comfortable wigs have helped put a smile back on the faces of women at a very difficult time in their lives."

trevor sorbie

Trevor Sorbie

"I have used Trendco wigs since I started the "My New Hair" initiative years ago. "My New Hair" is a service which I have created to customise and personalise wigs for people with alopecia and chemotherapy patients.

To make this service be the best that I can, I had to source out the best wigs available. After trying many brands, I found that Trendco not only provided the best quality wigs, but also provided a genuine, caring service. The staff at Trendco understand the needs for people that use wigs as fashion accessories but in my mind more importantly they understand the sensitivity needed to deal with medical hairloss."

 His chrome hollow 40cm

HIS Church Charity

May I take this opportunity to give you some feedback following the first distributions of the wigs that Trendco very kindly donated to His Church back in December 2016. All the wigs were VERY gratefully received by the transgender ladies at the prison, all recipients were absolutely thrilled by the quality of the wigs and (amazingly) prison staff also reported that the prisoners were completely transformed by them... not just physically but emotionally too! We were very moved that the transgender ladies couldn't believe that the difficulties they faced in their complex situation had been considered and they had been looked after with such kindness and care. Thank you all so much and look forward to working with you again soon.

Maggie Cockings Charity Organiser

even the eyebrows

even the eyebrows - Sharon Morrison

"When you have chemotherapy, you're likely to need a wig, but you need to love your wig, because you could be wearing it for a year. But don't assume all wig shops, and the staff in them are good; they're not.

It's quite normal for your nurse or oncologist to recommend a local company, and you should check it out, because they are speaking from experience. Once there, if the advice you're being given feels wrong, or the style of the wigs appears to belong in a bygone era, leave now. Find another shop where you feel the staff, the stock and the atmosphere are right, bring a good friend (someone who knows your style and one whose judgement you trust), then go mad and try everything on that you fancy, until you reach a decision!

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer I felt absolutely certain I wouldn't lose my hair, despite everyone telling me that, on the drugs prescribed for me, it was a certainty. But I truly believe that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail, so I thought I should buy a wig 'just in case'.

Yes, I followed the advice from my nurse, which was backed up by oncologist, and went to 'their' shop, and was completely underwhelmed. The wigs were poorly presented, the shop seemed very sad, the assistant clueless, so I left rather rapidly. My hairdresser, Antoinette Beenders, recommended Trendco London so, even though it was a bit of a trek from where I live, I made an appointment and had some fun. I listened to the advice of the assistant too, and that was really helpful. Once I'd finally chosen the style and colour of wig, she then trimmed it while I was wearing it, so it framed my face perfectly. I have to admit, even with no make-up and in my worst comfy gear, I looked pretty good."

carolines campaign

Caroline’s Campaign

"I am so thrilled that Trendco has decided to sponsor Caroline's Campaign by donating wigs. To have such quality and choice for my make-overs is fantastic. I am extremely happy to be working with such a great company. I am currently touring the UK offering free make overs for women who are going through chemotherapy. Losing your hair is such a dramatic thing for a women to go through, so having access to good wigs is incredibly important. So thanks Trendco."