Trendco Ambassador 2017 - Present 

Joanna Rowsell-Shand MBE

Aderans UK t/a Trendco are excited to announce that Joanna Rowsell-Shand MBE, double gold Olympic medallist is to be their ambassador again for 2018! Joanna has a form of Alopecia and is excited to “dig the wig” and banish all negativity of wearing wigs. Aderans UK & Joanna are extremely excited for the year ahead.

Joanna Rowsell-Shand MBE is a double gold Olympic medallist, a cycling world champion and a world record holder and whilst achieving these amazing goals, Joanna has had alopecia. For as long as she can remember small bald patches would appear as a child which would come and go. Aged 10 Joanna lost all her hair for the first time. It grew back briefly aged 16 and then again aged 19. When Joanna is cycling she doesn't wear a wig although she wears wigs most of the time when not taking part in sport. Joanna has been a regular client of Aderans UK’s Aderans Hair Centre (AHC) which is based in London. As a regular, it was Aderans UK’s Managing Director whom asked Joanna if she would like to be an ambassador for AHC, Trendco’s sister company but both owned by Aderans UK LTD. Joanna was delighted to become “the face” of AHC and to also act as a great role model for any young girls who may be going through what she experienced as a child. Joanna is also an ambassador for Alopecia UK []

Over 40% of women in the UK experience some kind of hair loss in their life, such as Alopecia, female pattern baldness or thinning hair, Aderans UK are extremely passionate to have an amazing role model on board to help them stop the stigma of wearing wigs and for women to get their confidence back. With Joanna as their ambassador, they really believe this is achievable.

Throughout 2018, Joanna will be attending events hosted by Aderans UK and their affiliated charities. To make sure you don’t miss out, follow Trendco and Joanna on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Trendco Ambassador 2016-2017

Sally Bee

Aderans UK t/a Trendco and Sally Bee, nutritional guru are excited to announce their exciting new partnership. Sally Bee, a nutritionist, food writer, heart health ambassador and TV presenter has been experiencing hair loss and has teamed up with Trendco, one of the UK’s largest wig and hairpiece suppliers in the UK, to become an ambassador for Trendco to help raise awareness for hair loss and to educate people in wigs.

Sally Bee had 3 massive heart attacks in 2004. After the third one, her husband was advised to say his goodbyes, the doctors did not expect her to survive the night. As she fought for every second of life left, the minutes turned to hours and the hours to days. Ten years on, Sally has become an ambassador for Heart Research UK and has written books on healthy living and has appeared on TV sharing her fantastic healthy living recipes. It turned out that Sally had a rare heart condition that should have killed her but what saved her life prior to being ill, was her healthy diet.

However, there is one secret Sally has been hiding and that is her hair loss. Due to the medication she now has to take since her heart attacks, one of the devastating side effects is that her hair has fallen out and will unfortunately not grow back. Whilst Sally still has a lot of her own hair at the moment, it is becoming increasingly difficult to hide her hair loss with her own hair.

Trendco became aware of Sally Bee after Lynne Harris, Trendco MD saw her on The Lorraine Show where she was discussing her hair loss experience with Lorraine Kelly. Lynne was touched by Sally’s story and decided to get in touch.

Over 40% of women in the UK experience some kind of hair loss in their life, such as Alopecia, female pattern baldness or thinning hair.

Sally Bee had already started vlogging to her audience about her hair loss and wigs, as well as setting up a hair loss forum which can be seen on her website to help and inspire women that if they are experiencing hair loss, its ok to wear wigs and to talk about it.

“We are very excited to have Sally on board with Trendco. Sally is a beautiful confident lady and to have someone like her inspiring women that it's ok to wear wigs and to not be ashamed is absolutely wonderful.” Lynne Harris, Trendco MD [ ]

Trendco and Sally Bee will be collaborating to raise awareness of hair loss and to encourage women that wigs are the bee’s knees!


 Sally Bee's Trendco Wig Gallery

Sally Bee enjoys wearing our wigs. Her collection is growing all the time. Below is a few of her favourites! Click on the pictures to take you to the Trendco style!