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Noriko - indulge yourself in the comfort of alternative hair, handcrafted from the finest materials available. Most are machine wefted but the addition of the monofilament tops has raised the bar once again. These wigs create a natural look and are ready to wear.

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Angelica £158.50

Avery £145.00

Berlin £119.00

Bryn £147.00

Carrie £106.00

Claire £114.50

Cory £131.00

Dolce £130.00

Drew £117.00

Eva £89.00

Georgia £236.50

Hailey £114.50

Ivy £104.00

Jackson £106.00

Jessie £181.00

Jolie £216.50

Kate £84.50

Kaylee £240.00

Kenzie £185.00

Lexy £126.50

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