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The Christine Headwear range is designed specifically for hair loss wearers and is perfect for a comfortable alternative to wigs. Our beautiful designs change with the seasons, to reflect fashions, seasonal fabrics and trends.


The winter collection is inspired by the soft, beautiful shades of nature. The beautifully soft fabrics used are formed from comforting natural materials ensuring suitability for even the most sensitive skin. All headscarves, hats and caps are feminine, beautiful and gives your face that extra glow! They are made from the softest, finest cotton, making them very light and comfortable to wear indoors and outdoors.


The Spring/Summer collection reflects the bright, wonderful colours of the season. The colours and styles are inspired by nature and the joys of summer with the silky fabrics which beautifully frame the face, giving it a natural glow and a feminine look. The cap are a stylish addition to the Christine Headwear collection. They are perfect if you have a sensitive scalp as it will protect against the sun. The caps are lined with a fine and soft cotton lining.The Christine Sun Line range is also a fantastic addition to the spring/summer collection as the bucket hats and caps have a sun protection of 50+, where the headwear protects against harmful rays from the sun, made from 100% cotton and have been approved by Australian standards.

Watch this instruction video on how to tie your Christine scarf with a side knot

Watch this video on how to tie your Christine scarf at the neck

CE Mark
All Christine Headwear products are CE Mark, as they have been classified as medical apparel according to the EU directive for medical equipment (93/42/EEC). All Christine products are specifically designed to be used by women who have lost their hair, protecting their scalp against sunburn and cold. The CE Mark is a joint European regulation and the rules make strict demands on design, construction and production to guarantee that the products are appropriate and safe for the end user.


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1000 Yoga Turban £15.50

1001 Gaia Turban £15.50

1002 Zen Turban £15.50

1003 Lotus Turban £25.50

1004 Prana Turban £25.50

1005 Karma Turban with Headband £25.50

1006 Chitta Headband £7.50

1007 Nouli Wig Liner £6.50

1009 Karma Turban with Headband - Printed £15.30
MSRP: £25.50
You Save: 40.00%

1010 Chitta Printed Headband £4.50
MSRP: £7.50
You Save: 40.00%

1011 Mantra Long Scarf £21.50

1012 Mantra Long Scarf - Printed £16.20
MSRP: £27.00
You Save: 40.00%

1015 Cali Scarf - Long Crinkled £25.50

1015 Joli crinkled scarf £15.90
MSRP: £26.50
You Save: 40.00%

1026 Alpine Cap - Knitted £16.20
MSRP: £27.00
You Save: 40.00%

1131 Shanti Turban £21.50

1131 Shanti Turban - Printed £21.50

1138 Venture Hat - MALE £11.63
MSRP: £15.50
You Save: 25.00%

1143 Explore Hat - MALE £11.63
MSRP: £15.50
You Save: 25.00%

1189 Chandra Night Cap £15.50

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